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  1. A Hubble Collection - 71 Images
  2. Hubble looks back ....
  3. The End of Deep Sky Astronomy from the Ground?
  4. Discovery of a Galaxy in Cetus void of Dark Matter
  5. Julian Oey (from NSW) 2018 Shoemaker NEO Grant Winner
  6. Once every Billion Years, eh.....
  7. Saturn Iarus paper March 1st 2018
  8. Space X Falcon Heavy static test successful
  9. A new look at Venus with Akatsuki
  10. Highly polarized electromagnetic radiation from FRB 121102 might betray its source
  11. Mirror casting for the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT)
  12. Tube like structures on Mars
  13. Did the Solar System form in a Wolf-Rayet star bubble? - University of Chicago study
  14. Cassiopeia A.. Elements formed.
  15. Life on Earth started at least 3.465 billion years ago - West Australia fossils
  16. SkyMapper - Siding Spring
  17. Saturn's rings may be less than 200 million years old - Cassini analysis
  18. New quantum material discovered - "Weyl–Kondo semimetal"
  19. NASA Resource Prospector designed to search and process water on the Moon
  20. Google neural network helps discover two new exoplanets by scrutinizing Kepler data
  21. Excitonium - a form of matter theorized 50 years ago - finally discovered
  22. ALMA discovers infant stars surprisingly close to Milky Way supermassive black hole
  23. SKA1-Low : IEEE's Rachel Courtland provides a first-hand account from Murchinson
  24. Proper motion of stars outside Milky Way
  25. VLT Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) images enormous nebula around quasar
  26. The Cosmic Snake - Hubble investigates clumps in this gravitational lensed galaxy
  27. BL Tel
  28. Living stromatolites discovered in Tasmanian World Heritage Area
  29. Excess of antimatter positrons hitting Earth unlikely from pulsars - Dark matter ...?
  30. Relativity holds up under scrutiny - again. Lorentz invariance meaurements stay true
  31. LIGO announces detection of another black hole merger - GW170608
  32. PS1-10adi - an incredibly large explosion 2.4 billion light-years distant
  33. Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting Ross 128 only 11 light years away
  34. NASA InSight Mars Lander being readied for launch next year
  35. China new high-energy neutron source facility creates opportunities
  36. Zwicky Transient Facility First Light - engineered to catch transient events
  37. Pushing the limits of photoreception in twilight conditions - new eye cell discovered
  38. ALMA captures starbursting merger of two massive galaxies in the early Universe
  39. Stars torn apart from black holes possible source of cosmic rays and neutrinos?
  40. LHC's failure to detect new particles beyond Higgs erodes Japan accelerator plan
  41. "This is the weirdest supernova we’ve ever seen" - the star that refuses to die
  42. Mysterious geomagnetic "spike" 3000 years ago might offer clues to Earth's core
  43. Search for elusive dark matter particles proves frustrating. - Nature
  44. 13.4 Jupiter-mass planet discovered in bulge of Milky Way - microlensed
  45. CERN "bottom meson" decay experiment signals Standard Model might break
  46. ALMA detects eight chemically-rich molecular clouds in NGC 253
  47. Large Millimeter Telescope detects second most distant star-forming galaxy to date
  48. Is Life Most Likely Around Sun-like Stars?
  49. Gravitational microlensing, TCP J05074264+2447555
  50. Quark fusion theorized University of Chicago - Nature
  51. Cold dust belt discovered around Proxima Centauri
  52. Discovery of big void in Great Pyramid using cosmic muons - Nature
  53. Most massive planet to be transiting an M-dwarf discovered. Astronomers surprised
  54. Quantum thermodynamics attempts to bend the rules - Nature
  55. Protons & anti-protons appear to have same magnetic moment - why did matter dominate?
  56. Comet C/2017 U1 - MPC compute may be first observed interstellar comet?
  57. Google Maps Pluto
  58. Infrared detector flaw delays ESA Euclid space telescope
  59. Keeping tabs on virus H7N9
  60. Asteroid 2016 HO3
  61. Neural networked AlphaGo Zero teaches itself to become a Go master in three days
  62. neutron star merger produced a bit of gold and platinum
  63. Neutron star merger provides independent Hubble constant measurement
  64. what, no ligo/ego/fermi yet?
  65. Did star HD 240430 devour its own rocky planetary children?
  66. Two groups claim to have found half the missing matter in the Universe
  67. Bizarre Dwarf Planet Haumea Has Rings
  68. How US power grid operators managed the solar eclipse
  69. Stress-Testing a Hypothetical Global Power Grid
  70. Nobel Prize in Physics 2017 - Weiss, Barish and Thorne
  71. Fourth Gravitational Wave Event Detected
  72. SMC Classification
  73. Isotope geochemistry
  74. AAO SAMI instrument helps measure how galaxy's spin affects its shape
  75. Most detailed star image yet
  76. Supernovae Type 1a Distance Modulus
  77. Researchers digitally store a movie into a living organism's DNA. Biocomputer created
  78. Mantis Shrimp - the ultimate visual observer
  79. JPL's Design for a Clockwork Rover to Explore Venus - IEEE Spectrum
  80. History of EQ mounts
  81. Can Elite Dangerous approach a star really that close ?
  82. 2014 MU69 - New Horizons' next stop
  83. HOTT planet characterised with help from oz AAs
  84. Another BH merger detected by LIGO
  85. JUPITER - From the eyes of NASA Juno Spacecraft
  86. Is the universe alive?
  87. High Altitude Ballooning advice
  88. Dark energy... illusion or not?
  89. Citizen Science used in the search of Gravitational Waves
  90. Uni Texas -electricity market change allows more renewables less reserves
  91. ANU - Zooniverse - planet 9
  92. Astronomy Course free on-line by Duke University
  93. Tesla Teams With Tiny Hawaiian Utility to Store Solar - IEEE
  94. NASA plans to make a telescope out of the Sun
  95. Can Ultraprecise Time Measurements Warp Space?
  96. New Solar Scope
  97. Single Atom Serves as World's Smallest Magnet and Data Storage Device
  98. New lithium/sodium-glass battery shows promise says lithium-ion battery co-inventor
  99. Liquid lens "smart glasses" prototyped at University of Utah
  100. New Record: Paralyzed Man Uses Brain Implant to Type Eight Words Per Minute
  101. Scientists Measure Single Quantum of Heat - Confirm Wiedemann–Franz Law
  102. Four IEEE Fellows Share Queen Elizabeth £1 Million Prize for Digital Image Sensors
  103. Is Betelgeuse really a red supergiant ?
  104. Manipulating Nothingness - The Quantum World
  105. Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens (LDAL) system concept
  106. Red Nova prediction
  107. wishing to compare two Sky Quality Meters with others'
  108. Human Cells "Eat" Nanowires - prospect of exciting new therapies
  109. ANU helps find supercluster of galaxies near Milky Way
  110. Engineering CMOS image sensors to improve speed and image quality
  111. Unihedron Sky Quality Meter: observations in Victoria
  112. Charters Towers: excellent winter site?
  113. Stargazers Club of WA and meteor tracking
  114. IEEE - Can Synthetic Inertia from Wind Power Stabilize Grids?
  115. Saturn Nature Communications Paper
  116. Do the bandwidth limitations of light prevent 'beaming people up'?
  117. Accelerated expanding Universe.. or not?
  118. Measuring size
  119. Not the ISS and not a Meteor??
  120. How can three planets in our sky form a triangle?
  121. Proxima Centauri has a planet in the goldilocks zone
  122. Prof. Brian Cox – Journey into deep space
  123. Strange flashes of lights over Sydney tonight
  124. Exoplanets
  125. A radio pulsing white dwarf binary star - brightness changes every 2 minutes
  126. The Search for Dark Matter - Butterworth Article
  127. Black Hole Question
  128. The size of the observable universe
  129. Has Science lost its way?
  130. Brown dwarf in clouds
  131. Hubble extended
  132. new particle at nearly 4 sigma
  133. NASA Juno Mission Trailer
  134. Funding for astronomy and science in context ...
  135. Second detection of gravitational waves by LIGO
  136. Tours of the world's largest pro telescopes - good stuff!
  137. John Sarkissian Parkes CSIRO Receives Queens Birthday Award
  138. Jellyfish galaxies: Virgo cluster M90 science in H-alpha
  139. LISA Pathfinder tests concept of space-based gravitational wave detector - IEEE
  140. Team designing laser propelled nanocraft. Reach Alpha Centauri in 20 year flight time
  141. A 2.4% Determination of the Local Value of the Hubble Constant
  142. spacex did it again!!!
  143. A light push.
  144. Wow
  145. Supernova 2016adj in NGC 5128 - Science Thread
  146. Review - "Stars and Stellar Evolution " , by De Boer & Seggewiss
  147. Caught For The First Time: The Early Flash Of An Exploding Star
  148. Review: Stellar Evolution books (easy Undergrad to early Graduate)(advanced Am.Astron
  149. BOSS...largest structure in the Universe so far.
  150. How true
  151. Are you into comets?
  152. Arecibo detects repeated fast radio burts (FRBs) for first time. Source is enigmatic.
  153. Variable Stars South Symposium 4
  154. Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger
  155. Parkes discovers hundreds of new galaxies hidden behind Milky Way Zone of Avoidance
  156. Do new streetlamps in LED Angeles increase LP ?
  157. New Flyover Video Of Ceres
  158. Oxygen isoptopes signature reveals Moon created from head-on collision
  159. Globular clusters may spawn new star generations by drawing gas from host galaxy
  160. Evidence grows for giant planet on fringes of Solar System
  161. New distances to planetary nebulae
  162. New trans-Neptunian object discovered?
  163. China to launch experimental quantum entanglement communications satellite in 2016
  164. Observing space curvature.
  165. InSight lander - One of five spacecraft to make their way to Mars in 2016
  166. "The First Predicted Supernova Image"
  167. Hot Jupiters contain water
  168. Exoplanets - False Positives - NASA's Kepler Observatory
  169. Tardigrade's genome sequenced - 17.5% foreign DNA - large horizontal gene transfer?
  170. Parkes detects twin fast radio bursts (FRBs)
  171. Earth's water primordial
  172. Molecular oxygen on Comet 67p-Churyumov-Gerasimenko
  173. Spooky stuff and closed loopholes
  174. Definition of kilogram set to change to physical constant
  175. Does KIC 8462852 harbour a Dyson sphere?
  176. A Catchy Science Tune.
  177. BL Tel
  178. Neutrino Oscillations
  179. NASA release of 8400 images from Apollo missions
  180. Vacuum fluctuations experiment showing
  181. NASA News Conference Monday - Major
  182. Fundamental symmetry in nature confirmed - CERN
  183. Climate Change data may need revision.
  184. Advanced LIGO - start for the search of the detection of gravitational waves
  185. New journal about telescopes & instrumentation
  186. Homo naledi, a new species of the genus Homo from the Dinaledi Chamber, South Africa
  187. Unaided-eye Deep Sky Jewels in the Southern Hemisphere
  188. Caltech's latest "artifical leaf" design to crack water into H2 & O2. IEEE Spectrum
  189. A Global High Voltage DC (HVDC) Supergrid - IEEE Spectrum article
  190. Stephen Hawking theorizes solution to black hole information paradox
  191. Disappointed.
  192. we are more crowded then we think
  193. Closest galaxy collision ever found is spectacular
  194. 51 Eridani b imaged by GPI
  195. the 'dying' universe
  196. New sunspot analysis shows rising global temperatures not linked to solar activity
  197. CERN works on superconducting shield to protect astronauts
  198. Very accurate Photometry with a DSLR
  199. Deep Antlia Galaxy Cluster image by Rolf Olsen
  200. Fat particles
  201. An analysis of the first three catalogues of southern star clusters and nebulae
  202. ABC Galaxy Explorer
  203. color contrasting southern doubles
  204. LHC confirms beauty quark obeys Standard Model but does not need Supersymmetry
  205. Paul Haese's M8 Lagoon, the untold story
  206. Weyl fermions finally discovered - ultra high mobility
  207. Mini Ice age pending.
  208. LHC confirms pentaquark
  209. why does light radiate?
  210. planetary formation
  211. Check this out....
  212. Stellar evolution theory just received a boost
  213. How does the universe end?
  214. gravity 101
  215. thought experiment?
  216. The singulary at the start of the Universe.
  217. projects I'm working on.
  218. A Challenging Question about an Infinite Universe.
  219. Double star measurements
  220. The size of the universe... scaled
  221. WANTED - Malin's deep NGC253 image in 1981 S&T
  222. Electromagnetic Drive Validated
  223. Mind boggling - Transistor Production Has Reached Astronomical Scales - IEEE Spectrum
  224. Astronomers discover supervoid 1.8 billion light years across
  225. For Science!
  226. Stable Orbit
  227. Astronomy and cosmology help for a screenplay
  228. Asteroid Hunting - Please Help!
  229. O solo mio
  230. Solar system
  231. After dark
  232. Beginner's Photometry Questions
  233. Distance & Luminosity of NGC 1097 & NGC 2997
  234. Optimizing supernova search - Which Galaxies?
  235. Emmy Noether
  236. Potential new impact structure in Qld
  237. Keen to undertake project
  238. Dwarf Galaxies ...
  239. Large- and Super- volcanoes. Local and global Effects & Hazards
  240. Astronomy/physics related activity ideas?
  241. Jawbone of earliest known hominid discovered in Ethiopian Rift Valley
  242. Gravitationally lensed supernova provides insight into dark matter distribution
  243. Background Galaxies within Andromeda
  244. Rocks show life could have flourished on Earth 3.2 billion years ago
  245. Plumes on Mars ..
  246. Review - NATMAP Digital 1:250000 maps
  247. Centaurus A Pro-amateur collaboration -Rolf Olsen
  248. Magnetar magnetic field strength?
  249. Help needed to identify a star
  250. we are not alone